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Special enfant de Geek

Posté par Floop Le 17 - août - 2009

Ah ben voila un distributeur intéressant, c’est mieux que les balles rebondissantes quand même ;)

Merci à Ouaii pour la photo

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3 Responses

  1. Alex dit,

    OMG TWILIGHT! yaya, ive been waiting for this news, thanx much! im sure Kellan Lutz will do a good job in the movie as Emmett, its pretty kool that he does his own stunts. LOrk.xxaLi!a

    Posté par 6 - mai - 2016 le 0 h 27 min

  2. cheap insurance dit,

    And after the original it is probably this? Premiered this evening on Philly’s Power 99 is the remix to Meek and Rozay’s track, now with a new verse from Hov. Radio rip for now via KYITL.

    Posté par 5 - juin - 2016 le 6 h 26 min

  3. http://www.generatefreegold.win/ dit,

    godDAMN these are scalping for a TON of money, and are sold out everywhere. It’s great to see the boys getting the recognition they deserve but I was really hoping to see a show this go-round

    Posté par 28 - février - 2017 le 18 h 01 min

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